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The Pentel Sign Pen was first introduced in Japan in 1963, and was the first felt-tip pen of its kind. The intended use of the Sign Pen was for signing things, especially in Japanese characters, which is what the rounded, brush-like tip was designed for. At first, this brand new pen didn't gain much traction but then something surprising happened: President Lyndon B. Johnson began using it to sign documents! The press that followed did more for the Sign Pen than traditional advertising, and the rest is history. 

We love this pen for writing signage in our shop, drawing, for addressing envelopes or annotating notes. The body of it is made from recycled plastic and it stays inkier than other felt-tip marker pens we've tried.

Pentel is one of the most widely recognized writing instrument manufacturers in the world. It was started in Tokyo in 1946 to make crayons and pastels and later, pens and pencils.

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