Ben the Rooster Postcard Pack

CWPE x Ben the Rooster

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  • Ben the Rooster Postcard Pack
  • Ben the Rooster Postcard Pack

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Here at CWPE we know a lot of great people doing amazing things and Jason is one of them! He's the creator of Ben the Rooster, who is a fictional barnyard friend who mails postcards to children. To each of his subscribers, Ben sends two postcards a month about a certain topic, prompting the recipient to send a response. Ben's postcards are aimed towards younger kids who are just learning how to read and write. We LOVE sending and receiving mail and think it's amazing that Ben the Rooster is helping kids learn about expressing themselves through thoughtful communication. 

For each of these postcard packs sold and Ben the Rooster Pen Pal Unit will be donated to a child in a Title 1 classroom.


5 Postcards featuring artwork by Ben the Rooster's friends

5 US postcard postage stamps

1 Pencil sharpener (color may vary)

1 CWPE x Ben the Rooster pencil

Click here to learn more about Ben the Rooster!