Blackwing Natural Pencils (Dozen)


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  • Blackwing Natural Pencils (Dozen)
  • Blackwing Natural Pencils (Dozen)
  • Blackwing Natural Pencils (Dozen) - CW Pencil Enterprise

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The Blackwing 602 was originally made by Eberhard Faber in New York. It was introduced in the early 20th century and was lauded for the uniqueness of its design and its quality as a writing pencil. When Eberhard Faber was sold in 1988 the Blackwing survived for only a couple of years before it was discontinued. Luckily, Palomino acquired the rights to the pencil only a couple of decades later and brought the legacy of the Blackwing 602 to light for a new generation of pencil users. 

This version is the firmest of all the Blackwings, introduced in 2019 and featuring a grey eraser and natural finish. 


Made in Japan from California cedar

Grade: Ungraded but feels like a HB

Replacement erasers are available here

Each pencil measures 8" long

Hexagonal barrel, normal diameter

Sold by the dozen


We measure the characteristics of the pencils we sell against a General's Semi-Hex #2, which is the pencil we consider to be a good quality pencil of true HB/#2 hardness, similar to that of most American #2 pencils. The swatch in this product listing reflects that.