Blackwing Volume 811 Pencil - Dozen


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  • Blackwing Volume 811 Pencil - Dozen - CW Pencil Enterprise
  • Blackwing Volume 811 Pencil - Dozen - CW Pencil Enterprise
  • Blackwing Volume 811 Pencil - Dozen - CW Pencil Enterprise

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Meet the spring edition of the Blackwing Volumes series! This one is inspired by one of our favorite places and is glow in the dark!! Because Blackwing says it better:  

"In a speech delivered at the New York Public Library in 2010, the late Dr. Maya Angelou poetically described the humble library as a “rainbow in the clouds” so that “in the worst of times, in the meanest of times, in the dreariest of times… at all times the viewer can see a possibility of hope.”

Libraries are more than just archives, they’re representations of our collective human experience. They’re reminders of where we’ve been, inspiration for where we want to go, and collections of all the beauty, pain, and wisdom that fills the gaps.

The Blackwing 811 is a tribute to libraries and the hope they represent. It features an emerald gradient finish and gold ferrule inspired by the iconic green lamps that light the halls of libraries around the world. Each pencil is coated with a special phosphorescent topcoat, so it can be a literal light in the dark. The model number 811 is a reference to the section of the Dewey Decimal System that contains some of Dr. Angelou’s most famous works, along with the works of countless other inspirational writers."

Made in Japan from California cedar

Grade: Ungraded but feels like a B-ish (the same core as the Blackwing 602)

Replacement erasers are available here

Each pencil measures 8" long

Hexagonal barrel, normal diameter

Sold by the dozen

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