Cursive Practice Book - Grade 1

Roaring Spring

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  • Cursive Practice Book - Grade 1
  • Cursive Practice Book - Grade 1

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Lots of schools don't teach cursive anymore (which is a real shame, if you ask us!) but the practice paper we used to learn is still made! For at-home learning, or playing with lettering, these notebooks come in three different rulings, this one being the widest. 

Roaring Spring is an iconic manufacturer of paper products founded in the 1860s in Roaring Spring, Pennsylvania. They're credited for making the FIRST black and white marbled composition notebook and are known for their affordable, high-quality school notebooks. 


Made in Pennsylvania

Size: 10 1/2" x 8"

72 pages, 36 sheets, 

1" horizontal lines with a dashed line separating them

15 lb paper.