Favorite Essentials Boxed Set

CW Pencil Enterprise

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  • Favorite Essentials Boxed Set
  • Favorite Essentials Boxed Set

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We've collected our six favorite pencils and combined them with all the accessories you need to get the most out of your pencils.

- Apsara Absolute: An Indian pencil that writes dark and keeps a point
- CWPE x Caran d'Ache The Editor: Graphite on one end, red on the other, for all your writing and editing needs
- General's Cedar Pointe #1: An American favorite with a great eraser, made just across the river in Jersey City.
- Palomino Blackwing 602: A re-boot of the beloved original Blackwing, this pencil is considered a must-have for pencil lovers.
- Tombow 2558 HB: This general use Japanese pencil is reliable, crisp, and it erases beautifully.
- Viking Skjoldungen: A beautiful pencil from Denmark that writes smoothly and looks sharp.

- Hardtmuth Eraser: A classic rubber eraser from the Czech Republic
- Kutsuwa Stad Caps: Protect your points and your bag with these point protectors
- Mnemosyne 196 B6 Memo Pad: Gorgeous, smooth Japanese paper in a handy 7.5 x 5" size
- Möbius and Ruppert Brass Bullet Sharpener: A solid brass sharpener that will keep you sharp for years