Gekkoso Pencil - 8B


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  • Gekkoso Pencil - 8B - CW Pencil Enterprise
  • Gekkoso Pencil - 8B - CW Pencil Enterprise

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Tucked away on a small street in Ginza, Tokyo is an infectiously charming art supply store called Gekkoso. The name translates to "The House of Moon Light", which came from a poem written for the owner who had many famed poet friends. Founded in 1917, Gekkoso is a special place that sells only house-made products, and this is their one and only pencil. It's a super soft and silky 8B cased simply in the highest quality cedar. 

Made in Japan 

Grace: 8B, runs true to scale

Measures 7" long

Sold individually

Hexagonal barrel, jumbo diameter


We measure the characteristics of the pencils we sell against a General's Semi-Hex #2, which is the pencil we consider to be a good quality pencil of true HB/#2 hardness, similar to that of most American #2 pencils. The swatch in this product listing reflects that.

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