General's Test Scoring 580 Pencil

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  • General's Test Scoring 580 Pencil - CW Pencil Enterprise
  • Test Scoring 580 pencil
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Made for easy detection by test scanners, this pencil's electro-graphite is especially reflective. This type of pencil is often used by crossword enthusiasts because of the particularly dark line it makes. Its barrel is made of cedar and sharpens well. The graphite's point retention is moderate, you might find that it is a bit soft.

General's was responsible for making the original IBM Electrographic pencils, so you can except this pencil to be a comparable substitute. 

 Made in the USA

Grade: Ungraded but feels like a B or 2B

Measures 7 1/2" long

Sold individually

Hexagonal barrel, normal diameter



We measure the characteristics of the pencils we sell against a General's Semi-Hex #2, which is the pencil we consider to be a good quality pencil of true HB/#2 hardness, similar to that of most American #2 pencils. The swatch in this product listing reflects that. 

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