Hi-Uni 22 Pencil Art Set


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  • Hi-Uni 22 Pencil Art Set
  • Hi-Uni 22 Pencil Art Set

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Introduced in 1966 and originally designed by Yoshia Akioka, the Mitsu-bishi Hi-Uni is the crown jewel of the Mitsu-bishi pencil product line. The design details are impeccable and incredibly detailed with no part of the pencil overlooked. The core is made of graphite so finely milled even the harder pencils feel smooth. The set contains the full range of hardnesses from 10H-10B, in fact, the only 10B to exist on the market today. 


Made in Japan

Measures 7" long

Hexagonal barrel, normal diameter

Sold as a full set of 22, one of each grade

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