Japanese Pencil Sampler Set

CW Pencil Enterprise

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  • Japanese Pencil Sampler Set
  • Japanese Pencil Sampler Set

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If you are a seasoned analog tools user, you certainly know that Japanese pencils are NICE. Well, Japanese stationery, in general, tends to be really nice. It’s true — there’s something really special about Japanese pencils. The standards for quality and cosmetic finishing are extremely high, so they tend to be beautiful and as flawless as a pencil can be. Here are a few to introduce you to the wonder that is the Japanese pencil. 

This set includes one each of the following pencils: 

- Tombow 8900 Pencil in B 

- Tombow Mono KM KKS Pencil in 6B

- Mitsubishi Mark Sheet Pencil

- Mitsubishi 9852EW Pencil in HB

- Kitaboshi Super Drawing 9500 Pencil in HB

- CWPE Camel Pencil