Lefty Sampler Set

CW Pencil Enterprise

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  • Lefty Sampler Set - CW Pencil Enterprise
  • Lefty Sampler Set - CW Pencil Enterprise

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Created with one of our most frequent recommendation requests in mind, this set is a collection of smudge-resistant pencils that are great for lefties. Included in our sampler are a few extra high quality HBs and a few harder pencils that are really pleasant to use. Bonus: it comes with a skinny eraser, great for precisely erasing mistakes or the odd smudge. 

Looking to round out the set? We also carry left-handed sharpeners


Goldfish Autocrat #2 1/2 Pencil - These pencils have nicely crisp graphite, but also come with an added bonus for lefties: the typeface on Shahson's pencils is specifically printed to be read left-handed.

Edelweiss F Pencil - Slightly firm with excellent point retention, these Edelweiss F pencils are light and extra precise, and the graphite really stays put on paper. These pencils are the standard in Switzerland where you can even find them for sale at the post office!

Mono 100 F Pencil - One of our ultimate favorites, the Mono 100 F is a wonderfully high-quality pencil that's very smudge-resistant. The F-grade graphite is super smooth, a little darker than you'd expect, and sharpens to a very nice point. Made in Japan.

Viarco Desenho H Pencil- Just a little firmer than an F-grade pencil, these Desenho Hs stay so nice and sharp and write with very clean lines. The best part: it's totally smudge-proof (seriously!). Made in Portugal.

Tombow Mark Sheet Pencil - The darkest pencil in this bunch, the Mark Sheet is a lovely Japanese HB that writes incredibly smoothly. These pencils have a bit of polymer mixed into the graphite, making them less smudgy than other HBs. 

Viking Element HB Pencil - This is a nicely balanced, well-crafted pencil that writes with nice #2 graphite. The quality of production makes these #2s more smudge resistant than a standard pencil. Made in Denmark.


Each set includes one of each pencil, packaged in an envelope with an informational insert. 

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