Made in America Sampler Set

CW Pencil Enteprise

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  • Made in America Sampler Set
  • Made in America Sampler Set

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The American Pencil is a thing of legend. It’s often yellow, it has an eraser on the end and is usually marked with a little "#2." These are all distinctly American pencil traits. In the 1950s--the heyday of American pencils--there were 23 pencil companies operating in the United States! This sampler set is dedicated to the great American pencils that are still being manufactured in the U.S., just the way they were from the start.

This set includes one each of the following pencils:

- General's Cedar Pointe #1 Pencil

- General's Goddess #2 Pencil

- General's Color-Tex Carmine Penci

- Musgrave 600 News Pencil

- Musgrave Tennessee Red Pencil

- Moon Products Try-Rex Pencil

- CWPE x Musgrave Bridge Pencil

- CWPE x General's Baseball Scoring Pencil