Mephisto 73B Copying Pencil - Hard

L&C Hardtmuth

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The copying pencil is an excellent example of a specialty pencil from a bygone era. It was originally made to contain vibrant purple aniline dye, so that it could be used for permanent marking and also to be transferrable when wet. The height of its popularity was in the very early 1900s when it served as an easy, permanent writing tool and as a way to copy documents.

The Mephisto was one of the most popular models in the US during this era--this version is a purple of with a hard lead, which is generally preferable for copying pencils. 

Note: since this pencil was produced, aniline dye has been found to be quite toxic. It's absolutely safe to use the pencil for its intended purpose, just be sure you don't ingest it. 

Vintage: 1920s

Made in the USA

Measures 8" long

Hexagonal barrel

Please note that all vintage pencils may have minor flaws due to age and that you can expect the erasers to not work anymore. The pencil you will receive will not necessarily be the one in the photo but definitely one from the same dozen. We've tried our best to accurately capture the quality of the pencil and promise not to sell you something of lesser quality. For Blackwings especially, the ferrules were rarely put on straight. Please do not be alarmed if your ferrule isn't aligned with the text, it won't affect the function or value of the pencil.