Mongol 480 #2 Pencil


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  • Mongol 480 #2 Pencil
  • Mongol 480 #2 Pencil
  • Mongol 480 #2 Pencil

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The Eberhard Faber Mongol was one of the most recognizable American writing pencils of the 20th century. They were known for their consistent quality and recognizable black and gold ferrule. Though Eberhard Faber Pencil Company no longer exists, Papermate still produces a version for the Latin American market where it is still one of the most popular pencils available. 


Made in Venezuela

Grade: a true #2/HB

Measures 7 1/2" long

Sold individually

Round barrel, normal diameter


We measure the characteristics of the pencils we sell against a General's Semi-Hex #2, which is the pencil we consider to be a good quality pencil of true HB/#2 hardness, similar to that of most American #2 pencils. The swatch in this product listing reflects that.

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