Notes and Notating Sampler Set

CW Pencil Enterprise

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  • Notes and Notating Sampler Set
  • Notes and Notating Sampler Set

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Designed with editors, paper-graders and serious notetakers in mind, this set includes our hardest working double-ended, highlighter, and colored pencils. Though for many people these are all tasks done on a computer, there are still many utilitarian colored pencils for specialities that fall out of the artistic realm.

This set includes one each of the following pencils: 

- CWPE x Caran d'Ache Editor Pencil

- Caran d'Ache Couleurs Fluos Pencil in Green

- Musgrave Hermitage Red Pencil

- Tombow 8900 Red/Blue Combo Pencil

- Milan Graphite/Highlighter Pencil