Pencil For Musicians Sampler Set

CW Pencil Enterprise

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  • Pencil For Musicians Sampler Set
  • Pencil For Musicians Sampler Set

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Confession: when our shop first opened, we had no idea how important pencils are to musicians and especially orchestra librarians! Since then, our eyes have been opened, countless conversations with composers have been had and we get it! For writing on sheet music, you'll need something that’ll stand out on paper, hold a good point, not reflect too much under stage lights and erase without a trace. We’ll admit that we are not experts in this area, but here are a few tried and true favorites of the musicians we’ve worked with over the years. 

This set includes one of each of the following pencils: 

- Caran d'Ache Edelweiss Pencil in 3B

- CWPE Camel Pencil

- Kitaboshi Super Drawing Pencil in B

- Mitsubishi Penmanship 4B Pencil

- Tombow Mono 100 HB Pencil