Pencils for Puzzles Sampler Set

CW Pencil Enterprise

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  • Pencils for Puzzles Sampler Set
  • Pencils for Puzzles Sampler Set

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When we first opened our shop in 2015 this was the first type of pencil we found ourselves making recommendations for every day: pencils for crossword puzzles! After years of testing out different options and having lengthy discussions about it with all type of puzzle doers, we can confidently recommend our favorites. You can count on all of these pencils to have great erasers (you know, just in case you need it), be dark enough for newsprint and glossy magazine paper alike, and hold a point long enough to get through the whole puzzle without running to the sharpener.

This set includes one each of the following pencils: 

- CWPE Camel Pencil

- Caran d'Ache Yellow School Pencil

- General's Test Scoring Pencil

- Mitsubishi 9852 Office Pencil in HB

- Tombow 2558 Pencil in B

- Musgrave Tennessee Red Pencil