Pollux Brass Concave Sharpener

Möbius & Ruppert

$ 28.00 

  • Pollux Brass Concave Sharpener
  • Pollux Brass Concave Sharpener
  • Pollux Brass Concave Sharpener

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As the rarest type of single-hole sharpener, this is one that we've been patiently anticipating the arrival of since early 2015 when it was first introduced. It's made of solid brass and has a blade that carves the pencil to a concave point that's longer than usual. It's convenient and elegant--a win-win in our book. For those on the hunt for a coveted antique A.W Faber Janus sharpener for its similarly concave capabilites, this is a comparable alternative. 

*Replacement blades for the Pollux will be available soon.  

Made in Germany

Single-hole, can accommodate normal diameter pencils.

*Though this sharpener sharpens beautifully, it only works perfectly on high-quality pencils with well-centered cores. 

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