Red Needle-Point 7700 Pencil


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  • Red Needle-Point 7700 Pencil
  • Red Needle-Point 7700 Pencil
  • Red Needle-Point 7700 Pencil

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In 2015 Mitsubishi Pencil Co. announced that they would be discontinuing their 7700 range of colored pencils, which they’d been making since 1971. The pencils only came in 12 colors and were renowned for being the favorite colored pencil among animators and architects in Japan. Their hard, highly pigmented lead was preferred to fine line drawing. Panic ensued and stores very quickly sold out of every color.

Within 24 hours, Mitsubishi decided to continue making the four most popular colors: red, orange, yellow-green and light blue. Here you’ll find the red version, the most coveted of them all. Whether you’re grading papers, sketching around or making a master plan, it’s an excellent addition to your pencil arsenal.


Made in Japan

Core: A hard but pigmented red

Measures 7" long

Sold individually

Hexagonal barrel, normal diameter

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