Red 9352 Pencil


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  • Red 9352 Pencil
  • Red 9352 Pencil
  • Red 9352 Pencil

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Even if you're not an editor, teacher, accountant or obsessive list-maker, red pencils are a must for any pencil case. Finding the right one has a lot to do with the delicate balance of pigmentation to point retention and we think this one is a happy medium. 

It's made by Kita-boshi, a small family owned pencil company in Japan. Kita-boshi is not only known for their pencils but also for recycling the by-products of pencil making for other innovative products and for their commitment to sustainability and education. 

Made in Japan

Core: a firm but pigmented red

Measures 7" long

Sold individually

Round barrel, normal diameter

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