Backyards and Gardens of Portugal Scented Pencils


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  • Scented Pencils Backyards and Gardens of Portugal
  • Fig Scented Pencils
  • Jasmine Scented Pencils
  • Lily of the Valley Scented Pencils
  • Peony Scented Pencils
  • Orange Blossom Scented Pencils

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Translation: The Backyards and Gardens of Portugal --the cedar barrels of these HB pencils are perfumed with nostalgic scents of the Portuguese landscape, and convincingly so. The come in five different scents:

Figueira - Fig

Jasmin - Jasmin

Lirio de Campo - Lily of the Valley

Peonia - Peony

Flor de Laranjeira - Orange Blossom 

Viarco is Portugal's one and only pencil factory. Founded in 1907, Viarco has done a beautiful job of preserving and sharing their Portuguese while also constantly innovating unique new things. They are very much a 21st century pencil company. 


Made in Portugal

Grade: #2/HB

Sold in a pack of 6 



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