Sketchbook Sampler Set

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  • Sketchbook Sampler Set
  • Sketchbook Sampler Set

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A collection of our favorite art pencils, this set contains some of our most unique implements. These pencils practically beg to be played with! 


Caran d'Ache Technalo HB - Smoother and a tad darker than a typical HB, the Technalo core is designed to be water-soluble (similar to the Soft Carbon)! These pencils work well alone as a smooth sketching pencil, or can be blended like water colors for added versatility. Fact: Caran d'Ache was the first company to ever introduce a water-soluble pencil in the 1930s. 

Midtown White Chalk Pencil - Made specially for black paper, these pencils aren't actually chalk; they're made with an ultra-creamy thick white core. These pencils are excellently opaque and work well to highlight and contour graphite drawings, or on their own against dark paper. Made in the USA.

Blackwing Pencil- The softest of the Palomino Blackwing trio, these pencils rate around a 4B or a 6B on the pencil grading scale. They're wonderfully soft and smooth and sharpen beautifully. The flat eraser is also great for precision erasing! Made in Japan.

Gekkoso 8B Mini Jumbo Pencil - This Japanese jumbo pencil contains wonderfully thick, dark graphite, which is excellent for expressive, loose sketching or for blending around as shading. A little bit crumbly, a lot fun. They are especially hard to find as they're made specifically for 100 year old Tokyo art supply store Gekkoso.

Art Graf Soft Carbon Pencil - These mysterious pencils are super black, like charcoal without the grittiness or smudginess. They come with an added surprise - you can use these with a wet paint brush like a watercolor to blend and create different darkness values. Extremely addicting to play with! Made in Portugal.

General's Draughting Pencil - Dark, yet also nicely firm, this pencil is a fantastic sketching tool. The extra thick core can be sharpened to a fine point, or chiseled to create broad strokes. Great for laying out a light outline, or for quick, loose sketching. Made in the USA.


Each set includes one of each pencil, packaged in an envelope with an informational insert. 

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