Standardized Test Pencil Sampler Set

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  • Standardized Test Pencil Sampler Set
  • Standardized Test Pencil Sampler Set

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We all know what standardized tests are like: you use a strictly #2 pencil to fill in tiny bubbles so that they can be read by an electronic machine. But did you know that not all #2 pencils are the same? There’s no standard formula for a “#2” pencil, so some behave differently to others. We chose the pencils in this set for their quality, ease of use and ability to efficiently fill in a bubble.

This set includes one each of the following pencils: 

- Caran d'Ache Yellow School Pencil

- General's Cedar Pointe #2

- Kitaboshi Academic Writing Pencil

- Mitsubishi 9852 HB Pencil

- Musgrave Harvest #2 Pencil

- Tombow 2558 HB Pencil

- Viarco Multiplication Table Pencil