The Complete CWPE Gift Set

CW Pencil Enterprise

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  • The Complete CWPE Gift Set - CW Pencil Enterprise
  • The Complete CWPE Gift Set - CW Pencil Enterprise

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*This gift set comes in gift-wrapped.*

We've been really lucky in the past couple of years to get to make exclusive products with a lot of really awesome brands from all over the world. Here's a set of some of our favorite exclusive pencil things, all wrapped up in a box and ready to gift to the pencil nerd in your life. Including:

Mini Shop Tote - A cute, miniature version of our shop tote bag.

Pencil Town Sticker Set - By our very talented intern Jade, this sticker set includes 6 different pencil houses, 2 eraser cap houses, a ferrule house and a wedge sharpener house. They're water-proof, so they'll work on anything you wish to stick them on (we vote for your bike, water-bottle or phone case!).

The CWPE Sampler Set, full of our exclusive pencils: 

Moon Products Futura Pencil - The Futura was first made in the 1950s by Richard Best Pencil Company--the same pencil company that made the first triangular pencil, the Try-Rex. The Futura was their snazzy pink version of their flagship pencil, with its wonderful typography and often flashy ferrule. Somewhere along the line J.R Moon of Lewisburg, Tennessee acquired the rights to the Try-Rex and the rest of Richard Best's pencils so we approached them about bringing our favorite Futura back in a modern way.

Caran d'Ache Scots Pine Pencil -This pencil's barrel is made from Scots Pine from Switzerland--it's beautifully detailed and just what any pencil snob would want from a pencil. You'll find that it's quite a bit heavier than a standard cedar pencil even considering that it's eraser-/ferrule-less making it quite comfortable to write with. The graphite is super silky and has amazing point retention. 

The CW Pencil by Camel Pencil Company - Originally designed by Eiichi Kato for Camel Pencil Company in 1985, this distinctive, minimalist, ferrule-less eraser has become something of an icon in the pencil world. They’ve become a universal favorite for their quality and dark, smooth graphite cores. We had our own version made for us by Camel, featuring a shiny, round barrel, matte printing, a soft white eraser and our own color palette. 

CWPE #2 Bridge Pencil - Once upon a time, this type of tiny pencil was popular for scoring Bridge and other card games requiring a pencil. It's a size that's hard to find these days, so we thought we'd have Musgrave Pencil Company help us make one of our very own. They're about 2mm thinner and a little shorter than your average pencil but don't worry--you can still sharpen them in a normal sharpener!

Caran d’Ache Editor Pencil - This is a pencil we've been talking about since before CW Pencil Enterprise was a real place and we're grateful to our friends at Caran d'Ache who helped us make it happen! It's a double-ended checking pencil, except instead of a blue end, it has an HB/#2 core with excellent point retention for rapid writing. It's for the editor, teacher, student, note-taker--anyone who could use a little color in their daily penciling.

Ferrule-less Ferrule Pencil - In celebration of a tiny invention with a huge impact, we created these pencils to showcase the beauty of the ferrule, the metal band that attaches the eraser to the pencil. Since its invention in the 19th century, the ferrule has been made out of brass, paper, plastic and aluminum. Now rendered in paint, these "ferrules" are inspired by pre-World War II designs, attaching a bit of history to the modern pencil.

Baseball Scoring Pencil - Meet your scorebook's new best friend! It's made for us by General Pencil Company, which was founded in Jersey City, New Jersey in 1889. Baseball scoring is one of the few 21st century activities still done mostly in pencil, so we thought we'd make something specifically for it. Designed for optimal comfort and efficiency, it features a round barrel, a soft eraser and a core that is dark, smooth and cased in cedar. It's dark enough to show up on glossy scorecards and smudge-proof enough for toothy card stock too.