Bugle 1816 #2 Pencil - Tinted Trio


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  • Bugle 1816 #2 Pencil - Tinted Trio
  • Bugle 1816 #2 Pencil - Tinted Trio
  • Bugle 1816 #2 Pencil - Tinted Trio

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Just for us: a wacky version of one of Musgrave's iconic pencils! These Bugles are made from tinted California incense cedar and have coordinating foil stamping. We included a red one in our most recent subscription box, but we just couldn't stop there! They come in a set of three, packaged in a cute paper sleeve. 

Musgrave Pencil Company is based in Shelbyville, TN and was founded in 1916 during the heyday of the American pencil industry. The pencils they make today feature especially nostalgic designs, many of which have remained unchanged for many decades.


Made in the USA

Grade: a true #2/HB

Measures 7" long

Sold in a sleeve of three, one of each color

Round Barrel, normal diameter


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