Ultimate Draw Your Day Pack

CWPE x Samantha Dion Baker

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  • Ultimate Draw Your Day Pack
  • Ultimate Draw Your Day Pack

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Samantha is a Brooklyn based graphic designer and illustrator who has amassed a following on social media through her daily sketch journaling. She's been a friend of the shop since the very beginning and we're so thrilled about her new pair of books. 

This pack includes a selection of some of Samantha's favorite pencils, a copy of her book Draw Your Day and the companion sketchbook.  Let Samantha guide you through learning the art of sketch journaling with easy to follow instructions and advice and just the right tools to get started. 

The pencil set includes one of each of the following pencils: 

Palomino Blackwing Pearl Pencil - While this pencil has been compared to a 2B, I find it closer to a 3B in smoothness and darkness. It's a gorgeous object with a rich history--and it's lovely to photograph. 

General's Kimberly Pencil in B - Green is my favorite color and one of my closest friends shares its name, so I liked it from the moment I saw it. 

Caran d'Ache Swiss Wood Pencil - It's the hardest pencil I use but I find it so lovely to draw with. It's subtly heavier, holds its point longer than most pencils, is a beautiful dark wood with a red end and even smells nice. 

Viarco Art Graf 2B Pencil - This pencil writes similarly to a 2B and is a bit like charcoal. Also, it's water-soluble, which allows you to give your drawings a wash of water for a painterly effect. 

Tombow Mono KM-KKS 6B Pencil - To round out the collection, I wanted to have a very soft, dark graphite pencil. The Mono is exceptionally buttery, smooth and excellent for drawing. 

Viking Verso 4B/HB Pencil - I discovered this pencil the day we chose the pack. It's double-ended, so you'll need pencil caps for this one. One end is soft and the other is firmer for writing. 

Sakura Sumo Mini Eraser - A hard-working, portable plastic eraser perfect for eliminating dark graphite messes.