Venus Velvet 3557 #2/3 Pencil

American Pencil Co.

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The Venus Velvet pencil is a icon of the early and middle of the 20th century, with its signature blue ferrule stripe and smooth core. The original boxes are printed with an image of Michaelangelo's Venus de Milo, for which the American Pencil Company fought to seek approval from the Italian government for. 

This particular one is a unique #2/3 grade--not two-thirds but rather halfway between a #2 and a #3. During the 20th century, certain pencil brands had rights over different fractions of 2 1/2 so each one is usually a strangely different number. 

Vintage: 1940s

Made in the USA

Measures 7 1/2 inches long

Hexagonal barrel

Please note that all vintage pencils may have minor flaws due to age and that you can expect the erasers to not work anymore. The pencil you will receive will not necessarily be the one in the photo but definitely one from the same dozen. We've tried our best to accurately capture the quality of the pencil and promise not to sell you something of lesser quality.