Violet 272 Copying Pencil


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  • Violet 272 Copying Pencil
  • Violet 272 Copying Pencil
  • Violet 272 Copying Pencil

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Copying pencils were first introduced in the 1870s as a form of ‘ink’ pencil that couldn’t be erased. They had violet aniline dye in the core that can transfer when wetted and pressed against another piece of paper. They were most used during WWI as a way to write, sign and make copies of documents quickly and easily as the only other permanent option at the time was a fountain pen, which was messy and more difficult to carry around. Though the aniline dyes originally used have since proven to be toxic, a small number of pencil companies still make contemporary versions. 

The core in this one is a classic copying pencil purple and is non-toxic. 

Viarco is Portugal's one and only pencil factory. Founded in 1907, Viarco has done a beautiful job of preserving and sharing their Portuguese while also constantly innovating unique new things. They are very much a 21st century pencil company. 


Made in Portugal

Core: A firm purple

Measures 7" long

Sold individually

Round barrel, normal diameter


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