Valgblyant Red Jumbo Pencil


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  • Valgblyant Red Jumbo Pencil
  • Valgblyant Red Jumbo Pencil
  • Valgblyant Red Jumbo Pencil

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Viking pencil company was founded in Denmark in 1914 by a matchstick company and for decades has been known to make exceptional pencils, which have always been hard to find outside of Scandinavia. This particular one is especially remarkable: it’s an election pencil commissioned by the Danish authorities. It is as close to hand-made as a commercial pencil gets. You’ll notice there’s a hole drilled into the end, which is meant for tethering the pencil to a desk or polling booth. This version has a pigmented, smooth red core. 

Made in Denmark

Measures 7 inches long

Hexagonal barrel

Sold individually