Spill-Proof Recipe Cards

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You might think that recipe cards are a relic of kitchens past, but maybe you just haven't had good enough recipe cards on hand for when a dinner guest asks you to jot down a made-up recipe. THESE are the recipe cards of our dreams, because not only are they made of Rite in the Rain's spill-proof paper, but they fold in half, so you actually have enough space to write down ingredients and instructions, and perhaps even a cute anecdote. 

Rite in the Rain began in 1900 from the need to have a better way to record the scaling of logs and the tallying of lumber in Northeastern weather. This led to the invention of the world’s first waterproof paper, which has a special coating that makes it easy to write on, but able to withstand the elements. It truly stands up to its motto: “Defying Mother Nature” and has become an invaluable tool to many industries.

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Recipe Card
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